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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Nowadays, I feel soooo frustrated with some of the pedestrians. Seiously,no offence, I can get easily irritated when a person or a group of people ( doesn’t matter which one as long they are pedestrian) cross the road with the way of annoying style..Maybe you guys don’t really get what I meant..but some pedestrians like to walk slowly and still can laugh with their friends when they obviously can see there’s a car coming towards them..Its not a pedestrian walk that you can cross like that..Omgosh..seriously,I can easily get free sin because i always cursing them if they walk like that..!!You know what?It’s very dangerous !!not to them..but also to drivers tooo..They are big enough to think what is good and what is bad.. They are not small kids though! Urgghh..I just don’t get it..Don’t they love their life?I seriously don’t mind if they want to walk slowly if they are holding an old man’s hand or a blind woman to cross the road..because I do understand their situation.. Even, a squirrel or a chicken can run away so fast when they want to cross the road..? Animal also love their life..But,how about them?hurm..

How about if the driver is drunk, drive in high speed or or suddenly the brake is not work..?who’s going to be blame in this situation? Is it the driver or the pedestrian..? But, I bet most of the time the driver will be blame for this..Why? There are so many reasons that can be concluded here..The reasons are limited because most of the reasons are basically based on my knowledge and what i’ve been observed for all this time..Hehe..So,this is my observation..

As a driver :
1. Driver might not aware that the pedestrian will walk slowly like that.
2. Driver might think that pedestrians are more careful when they want to cross the road.
3. There’s a pedestrian walkway. Pedestrian can use that way right? ( what they have in their toughts la )
4. Pedestrians should wait for the red light until the car stop so then,they can cross the road.

As a pedestrian :
1. Driver must look in front and more concentrate while driving.
2. Driver should be aware of the pedestrians community on the road.
3. Driver have to drive slowly. (like a turtle maybe) ^_^
4. Driver have to think that pedestrians walk under the hot sun and it takes time to walk. (Lame)
5. Driver should be wait as they no need to use the energy to walk. (Lame also)
6. Driver should check the car’s condition everytime so that there is no way that the brake is not work.  
7. Driver should wear glasses especially whoever that have short sightedness so that they have no problem to see their way. (I should wear glasses seriously )

See..If something happen on the road,the pedestrian will give a lot of reasons right?But sometimes, we just can’t blame neither driver nor pedestrian..This is because.. IT’S DEPENDS...Some pedestrians or drivers died not because of their fault..But its a FATE..We should believe in Qada’ and Qadar...Right? J
P/s : This is also reminder for me..INGATLAH ORANG YANG TERSAYANG  -Lots of LOVE-

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