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Complicated is me. No HAPPY ending in life. Thankful for what you have now because it will never repeat.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The Lady in Braces.

   No one have a perfect life.So do I.This is my way,i'll follow my way.Life,life,life..It is just a word..!People might experience it in their own way..We can't force someone to follow our way..?Right?They have their own right in their daily life..Give ourself a space which belong to everyone of us..EVERYONE needs a SPACE! NOT aerospace..but SPACE..!GOT IT?maybe some PERSONAL space perhaps ?or or an INTIMATE space??ehem..wink3..They have their own way,we have our own way.For me,it doesn't matter which road u will choose in your life,as long as you satisfied with it and make it worth!..

   People might think i'm crazy in their own definition. They can define me as a mad lady,as a miserable woman,as a pathetic person or or yaaa as a super duper crazy woman indeed! Well, I won't blame them for that. Sometimes, I felt ya..maybe what they said is true!..I wish to become like that.seee..I told ya..I AM CRAZY! urm..u know,when i said ‘CRAZY’, it means a lot of thing..people might defined ‘CRAZY’ in their own perspective..I’m not defined myself as crazy as a person that can do anything that incredibly extreme..or a person that is hyperactive which might or might not cheer up other people and cannot be silent for a second??..or or someone that can do something that out of their minds and out of our thoughts instead!!and many MORE!..I CAN just defined myself as ‘CRAZY’ as hopeless people which wanted something so badly but i couldn’t and won’t get for the rest of my life.   In another words, IT IS  IMPOSSIBLE!! I know i should just believe the words of ‘ IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING’..Isn’t it?But tell me which person in this earth can hold that motto every second in their life..Tell me!PLEASE? Arrrghhh..now,Get what i meant?? I'm just a normal person with unperfect life. I want to be someone that have no problems in their life..I want to be happy like other people else.At least, to be happy for one whole day..One whole day is good enough for me..Not less than that,not more than that..urrghh..I adore to be one of the coolest person in this whole world!!Can I?Can I?Oh,god..I just hope my wish will become true one day..
Sounds like other people wishes too huh? -_-

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