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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Girls and Guys..
I’m pretty sure every people that having intimate relationship (G vs. B Puhleaseee) before, now or in future that might going to,will or already (anytime also will do[LOL]) experienced all these kind of questions :
Do you love me because for who I am?
Do you love me because of my heart darling?
Do you love me because of my kindness?
Nah..It’s all something that is sweet and romantic isn’t it?Melting..awwwww..so sweeett..!! And your partner pretty sure will responds and tell you the positive answer for that..NO SWEAT.. unless she or he got another ‘evil party’ in his/her life and the answer will be another way round..Right?
What will you do when someone actually play around with your feelings..? You are such a sincere,loyal person, never put him aside and he/she can play around with your feelings like a playground!!??and the worst part is, the ‘evil party’ is your own friend,somebody that you know and close to!! *sigh* my heart is being cut into a small pieces by a SHARP knife! [SHOUTING] I felt like killing him right now!yes,NOW! [i won’t do that although i said that]..gggggrrrrr..Helow!i don’t want to go jail or die because of him!what a nonsense rite..But dats what we called ‘LOVE IS BLIND’..
People might think;
NEITHER A FAT WOMAN can be together with AN ADORABLE MAN..NOR RICH MAN can be together with an UGLY WOMAN..
Hey, they are all are human!God’s creature.. Have a feeling..Why don’t just give them a space to fall in love and happy in their life..CAN you imagine that they cannot be together and suffering just because of other people’s perspective and the way people look them in a negative way ?? Hey,come on guys!!Give them a chance! They are just like us! Needs to be LOVED and LOVE someone that they LOVE..Why is it hard for them?

Even A DEAF GUY can fall in love with A BLIND WOMAN..isn’t it such a beautiful relationship?although that woman cannot see him and that man cannot hear any words that woman try to say to him..??
But,What he can do to make them live happily although they have their own weaknesses??
He TRIED to learn BRAILLE for her to read his feelings.. =’)
....and this is what we called ‘LOVE IS BLIND’..<3
LOVE doesn’t need all those things..but LOVE needs two HEARTS and one SOUL..

p/s: isn’t it niceee when someone said that he loves me because of my heart and not because of my skin colour?

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